For the past nine years I have had the responsibility to staff positions at times with temporary employees. There are several staffing agencies that we have done business with over these past few years. However, none have been as responsive or professional as has the local Nextaff office.

Whenever we needed any assistance with anything Nextaff was always responsive, professional, timely in their actions, and most reasonable in their fees. Their desire to serve, coupled with their willingness to do whatever was needed to satisfy the customer’s needs are exemplary traits and most desired when doing business. They are considerate of both client and employee needs in all aspects of the work relationship. They screen and test prospective employees resulting in a talent pool unequaled in the area.

Nextaff provides leadership and a willingness to serve whenever needs arise. They consistently go out of their way to establish solid, professional working relationships and continue same with clients even when no temporary requirements exist.

For the past 35 years l have had, at various times, the responsibility to provide staffing on temporary bases. I have never had better responsiveness, more professionalism, or a better relationship with any other agency as I have had with Nextaff. They are professionals in every sense of the word and provide world class service.

-Christopher L., Business Officer