Love their personable approach to recruiting. A cool boutique style unlike most other recruiting firms.

– Tamara B

Tamara B, Nextaff Raleigh Employee

The Nextaff team is awesome! They far exceeded my expectations and I feel that they went above and beyond during the entire hiring process. I first spoke with Jacob when I called Nextaff inquiring about a position that was posted online. He was extremely nice and took the time to ask me some questions about my work experience. He told me he would give my resume and information to one of the recruiters, Brittany, who followed up with me that same day. I came in the very next day and interviewed with Brittany. She was so sweet and very helpful! She told me she and the staff would get working on my profile right away to start sending out to companies. Within less than a week, they matched me with a position and company that has turned out to be a perfect fit! Rachel was so helpful and accommodating as well. She communicated with me about the specific job and gave me some tips about my resume and my upcoming interview, which made me feel more confident and ready for the interview. I also corresponded with Stephanie who gave me all the information and guidelines I needed upon starting my new position. She even followed up with me to see how things were going. I was very impressed with Nextaff and their professionalism, their eagerness and willingness to help me, their constant communication with me during the process, and their accommodating and hospitable spirits. I have gone through a few other staffing agencies, but Nextaff is by far the best one I have encountered. I am very grateful for their service!

-Kristie G – Former NEXTAFF Employee who went permanent on our client payroll

Kristie G, Nextaff Raleigh Employee

I had a great experience with Nextaff.

The technical recruiters were pleasant and efficient!

They found me a great Tech position and I’d love to work with them in the future.


Chris, Nextaff North Dallas Employee

Working with Nextaff was an easy and professional process and has helped further my career goal in the Tech Industry. I never for once had any issues with the Nextaff team as I have had with other agencies. The application, interview and hiring process was prompt and easy with no hiccups or issues at all. I look forward to working with them again in the future.


-Olawale O.

Olawale O., Nextaff North Dallas Client

5 stars isn’t enough for this hardworking, beautiful, and most genuine team. I got the best opportunity to work with them as a temp on a job and with them in their office. Amber, Bonnie, and Josh work all day and night for their clients and their employees. They are very knowledgeable and very genuine to help anyone and everyone. I’m going to miss the feeling of a caring home there at the office. I highly recommend Nextaff! I miss you already!

-Kayla J.

Kayla J., Nextaff Gulf Coast Employee

Best agency ever! Any expectations I might have had were far exceeded. I am sure they are all quite busy with numerous other clients and applicants, but throughout the entire process, I was made to feel like I was their number one priority. Communication was excellent. Their initial interview was empowering. They treat you like a real person and I believe they genuinely want the very best for both their clients and their applicants. Thoroughly impressed!

-Stephanie H.


Stephanie H., Nextaff Raleigh Employee

Nextaff  listened to what I wanted for my ideal job and worked very hard to find opportunities that fit not only what matched my skill set, but also the type of environment I was looking for and the income range I was looking for. After verifying my references, they had interviews set up within two days! So much faster than I ever expected!! It is not easy to find jobs for people and match them up well, especially so fast! I am so impressed with their professionalism, hard work, and expertise.

-Michelle T.

Michelle T., Nextaff Raleigh Employee

The service I’ve received from each of you has been awesome, especially during a time when facing unemployment it’s good to work with a company that keeps you in the loop for opportunities – keeps you encouraged.

Nextaff will be highly recommended by me for anyone seeking an agency.

Again thank you for the class A service!!!


Kimberly S., Raleigh Nextaff Employee