Should I Stay in Touch with My Old Boss?

Should you maintain contact with your old boss? The answer to this question is complicated, but in most cases, it can be to your advantage to maintain a connection with previous employers. Whenever you’ve left a job on good terms, it’s always beneficial to keep old bosses in your network. You never know if they can become an […]

Following Up – How Long Should You Wait Before Calling After the Interview?

You’ve met with a potential employer, but now what? How long should you wait before calling after an interview? The good news is there’s a science to it, so following a few simple steps will keep you at the top of the hiring manager’s mind. Here are the things you should do during and after an […]

Goal Setting and Why It’s Ok to “Change” Your Goals

If there is a single word we could use to describe our experience in 2020 it would be “flexible.” Why? Because so many people started the year unable to imagine that within three months most work would be done remotely. It was critical for companies and their employees to learn to be more flexible and […]