Utilizing staffing agencies in Nashville will save you thousands of dollars in recruitment and will bring you the most qualified nurses for your critical care positions. You likely have so many questions about using a staffing agency and the benefits associated. Here are some of the questions we’ll answer in this blog post:

Benefits of Healthcare Staffing Agencies in Nashville TN

We’ve already talked about the money you can save. But what other benefits are associated with utilizing healthcare staffing agencies in Nashville TN?

1. Lower Team Workload

The hiring process is one of the biggest hassles associated with administration in business. By outsourcing that process to a staffing agency in Nashville, like Nextaff, you will significantly reduce the stress and costs associated with the hiring process. Our recruitment team will vet each and every candidate according to your specific needs. Once we’ve narrowed the search, you will have the option for final interviews to ensure the nursing candidate is the right fit for your team.

2. Skilled Staffing Experience

In this report in US News, “it is projected that the demand for registered nurses would hit more than 3.6 million by the year 2030”. With the need growing exponentially every year, finding skilled and qualified nursing candidates is becoming more difficult. Nextaff’s recruitment team are trained to find specialized healthcare professionals for hospitals and clinics around the Nashville area.

3. Expedited Hiring Process

According to this Forbes report, “the average number of people who apply for any given job: 118. Twenty percent of those applicants get an interview”. This means that 80% of the resources traditionally used in the hiring process are expended in the resume review process. Utilizing a staffing agency in Nashville can save you both time and money, leaving you with only the most qualified nursing candidates from your hiring campaign. We do the hard work for you!

4. Flexibility

Utilizing a staffing agency in Nashville will give you more flexibility with your business resources. Whether you have good nurses on long-term leave, have heavy turnover, or simply don’t have the resources to cover long-term payroll and benefits, a staffing agency can give you more flexibility with your staffing needs. At Nextaff, we cover the costs of recruitment, payroll, insurance, and employee benefits. This significantly reduces business costs and leaves you with more financial flexibility.

5. Reduced Employer Risk

When you use a staffing agency in Nashville to fill your nursing vacancies, you lower the risks associated with doing business. Labor laws, workers’ compensation, employee benefits, or tax liability can amount to large financial losses. An RN staffing agency is considered the employer of all nursing candidates it hires for you, which means we absorb the costs associated with having and maintaining employees.

Cons of Hiring a Staffing Agency in Nashville

There are some possible drawbacks to healthcare staffing agencies in Nashville TN. Not all are created equal, and we will go over some of the issues we hear about regularly.

Hiring Costs

While utilizing a staffing agency in Nashville will save you money in some areas, we believe, in the long run, they do create a specific hiring cost you may have yet to consider. Using an RN staffing agency comes with a 15-25% annual salary fee, largely depending on the industry and agency. However, having a dedicated HR team for hiring and recruitment will run you significantly more money.

Culture Gap

While staffing agencies attempt to discover your company’s ins and outs and environment, they may not completely grasp who you’re looking for. This can leave you with employees that don’t fit into your work environment or niche.

Lowered Team Bonding

With temp agency recruits, you always avoid having a completely bonded and cohesive team. This can be due to the number of recruits you have or the number of permanent employees vs. temp ones.

Hard on Your Reputation

Having a reputation of using a staffing agency in Nashville for most of your hires can give you a reputation as a difficult employer that can’t hire through traditional routes. A bit of community involvement and publicity can help this situation.

The Nextaff X-FACTOR Analysis Difference

The founders of Nextaff developed a proprietary system to find the best candidates for every nursing position. The X-FACTOR method utilizes the best techniques and science available and substantially increases our employee success rate. Here’s how we differ from the competition:

  1. We post on job boards and social media to attract both active and past nursing candidates.
  2. Assess all candidates using a Pre-Hire, EEOC Compliant Integrity Assessments.
  3. Our recruitment team screen all “Pass” candidates through your customized X-FACTOR process.
  4. We then utilize additional screen tools to narrow candidates.
  5. Our interview team conducts structured interviews on final candidates based on your X-FACTOR results.
  6. We can perform drug screening and issue safety tests to all candidates placed with your company.
  7. You interview final qualified candidates and have the ultimate decision on placements.

Choose Nextaff Staffing Agency in Nashville Today!

Nextaff staffing agency in Nashville is dedicated to finding the most qualified nursing candidates for your hospital or clinic. We know what to look for and all the right questions to ask. With our X-FACTOR Analysis, you will get exactly what you’re looking for every time! We treat all our clients like family and strive to give them the best candidates for each and every job. Your success is our success and we take that seriously; from attending company events to onsite training, we are committed to you! Give us a chance, you’ll easily see the Nextaff difference for yourself! Contact our Nashville office today!

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