Tips for Inspiring Creativity in the Workplace

Here Are Six Tips for Inspiring Creativity in the Workplace

Innovation and creative thinking are what make companies succeed. Your employees are your greatest resources for creativity, so why not tap into their natural talents. Here are a few ways to boost creativity in the office and encourage more innovation.


Be Inclusive

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are big talking points in human resources right now, but it’s not about checking off a box. Inclusivity means more mindsets are collaborating, improving creative thinking, and pushing innovation forward. When you’re only hiring people with the same background, they may miss critical, creative steps or not think about things in a new and exciting way.


Have an Inspiring Office Design

Your office environment is also a significant factor in promoting creativity. If your office is drab and boring and no one feels inspired, it will be like pulling teeth to get anyone to interact. But if your workplace is well designed and exciting for your employees, they will be more likely to engage. Take a page out of the Google playbook and be a little bit more fun.


Provide Autonomy

When your employees feel ownership over their work, they are more likely to contribute creatively. Don’t worry so much about how things are getting done as long as they are completed by the deadline and meet your quality standards. Your employees may be innovating new ideas that can help your business advance.


Encourage Knowledge Sharing

Your team should also be incentivized to collaborate. The days of a super competitive office environment are long gone. New employees coming into the job market are far more interested in sharing resources and knowledge, encouraging that natural inclination.


Support Employees

Your team will also feel more creative if their needs are being met regarding tools and technology. If they have to fight for resources, they will be less engaged or interested in innovative solutions. Support your team by providing the things they need to be productive and creative.


Share Accomplishments

Of course, with innovation should come recognition. Make sure you’re rewarding your team for their creative ideas by sharing their accomplishments. Always give them credit for the work they do, celebrate their victories, and reward them, so they feel valued.

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