These Are The Questions You Should Be Asking an Interviewee

How many times can you ask the same questions in an interview? And do they genuinely get to the heart of whether the candidate is a good fit for your company? Before you prepare for your next applicant interview, consider some additional questions to help you better evaluate potential candidates. Here are the questions you should be asking.

What Skill Makes You Most Qualified for This Position?

The answer here will give you more insight than just the skill they choose. They may decide to reiterate the job description, which can indicate they are unprepared. They may not elaborate on the skill or know how to communicate the right things. You want them to discuss a skill they have that will elevate the position and benefit you while giving them the ability to shine.

What Professional Achievement Are You Most Proud Of in Your Career?

Many people expect that talking about a proud moment is bragging. However, storytelling is an integral part of communication, so it’s helpful for candidates to share stories of their successes. Encourage them to tell you details about a specific success to see better how they will work in your organization.

How Would You Describe Your Working Style?

Employers talk a lot about how “fit” is a critical determination for hiring. But how do you if someone is a good fit or not? If you’ve communicated your company culture, the employee will see it from their perspective. But you want to ask them about their work style to see if what they describe fits in with how your company works.

Can You Tell Me About a Time When You Failed? What Did You Do?

How someone handles failure is as important as knowing their successes. Failure is a part of learning, so someone who can’t communicate situations that haven’t gone as planned will help you see how they’ve grown in their experience in the past. It’s also essential to know how they handled the incident and turned it around.

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