4 Tips to Nail the 2nd Interview

Many companies are requiring a second or even third Interview before they make a definitive hiring decision. It can feel overwhelming to be asked back a second time, but it’s a good sign. The second interview can make you even more nervous than the first. What do you talk about that’s different? How do you prepare? Countless things need to be in place so you can feel confident and comfortable. Before your meeting, here are some tips to help you nail the second interview.

Make a Good Second Impression

Treat the second interview just like you would the first. Maintain a professional image, and don’t get too casual unless you are instructed to do otherwise. If your interviewer tells you to dress casually, they want to see what you will do. Regardless of the outfit you choose, make sure your clothes are neat and clean.

In-Depth Research

Before your first interview, you probably took a look at the company website. But now that you’ve already talked to them once, it’s time to dive deeper. Learn what you can about their corporate structure, their values, and their environment. Do some research about the specific job and leaders in the industry.

Be Authentic

It’s easy in the first interview to impress them by answering questions with what you think they want to hear. If you’re called in for a second interview, now is the time to feel confident and let yourself shine through. If you don’t, it could lead to a bad match in the workplace. Be the real you, so when you’re hired, you don’t feel out of place.

Find Out the Next Steps

A second interview is generally a great sign. A company won’t invest the time if they don’t think you’re a top candidate. But it’s important to leave the interview with an expectation of what will happen next. Specifically, ask about the next steps of the process to understand how to move forward. Determine the right time to follow up after your second interview.

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