3 Tips to Map Out A Career Path

If you want to grow your career, you need a clearly defined career path. How do you know if you’re on the right track? Before you consider the path you want to take and how to get there, you need to know you’re the result you’re striving for and create steps along the way. Here are three tips that can help you set and achieve your career goals.

Personal Development

Not all aspects of your career path are external. You also want to focus on the things you can do internally to make it possible to achieve your goals. Personal development can include several aspects.

  • Reading books about your industry
  • Reading self-improvement books
  • Taking classes in person
  • Signing up for webinars and programs online
  • Finding a mentor in your industry

Challenge yourself to look for ways to improve your personal development that will help you reach your employment and career goals.


Not every part of your career path will be about the work you do. It’s helpful to know people in your industry who can be there as a guide along the path or open doors for you in the future. That’s why networking is an essential skill for everyone looking to advance their career. There are several ways to expand your network today. Start online with platforms such as LinkedIn to find others in your industry, interact with groups, and build your brand. Attend local industry events or online webinars to learn more about people and decision-makers in your industry.

Goal Setting

The next most important skill to bring to the table is goal setting. Simply imagining your goals is not the same as creating a plan for achievement. Learning proper goal-setting techniques will help you accomplish the things you set out to do. Use the SMART system:

  • Specific: A specific goal is not “find a job.” It’s “find an entry-level job in the accounting industry.”
  • Measurable: To set your goals, you need to have ways to judge your accomplishments.
  • Achievable: When you have the end goal, create sub-tasks that will help you move forward.
  • Realistic: Choose a goal that’s realistic based on your interests and abilities.
  • Timely: Give yourself a timeframe to achieve your goal and regularly reevaluate along the way.

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