What Is Workplace Wellness?

Wellness has been a major topic in employment for several years. Throughout 2020, with additional consideration for health and safety, many companies began revisiting the concepts. Stress and anxiety impact physical health and the workplace can and does contribute to these situations. Companies offering wellness as a part of their culture can improve the lives of their employees dramatically. Here is a closer look at workplace wellness and ways to implement it.  

What is Workplace Wellness  

Wellness initiatives in the workplace consist of policies designed to improve and support healthy behavior among employees. Companies will reinforce these ideas with the promotion of healthy activities and provide incentives for team members to improve their health outcomes. Many are also providing additional support for mental health awareness.  

Providing Practical Solutions 

The easiest initial push is to provide access to practical solutionsFor example, some companies offer flu shots to employees at the beginning of flu season. Or they may offer classes or programs designed to reduce stress, such as Yoga or meditation. In a world where many employees work from home, some companies are providing access to relaxation or physical fitness apps.  

Incentivizing the Process 

Most people respond well to rewards systems so providing incentives that encourage your employees to participate will help make your wellness program successful. Making your initiatives fun will encourage more engagement. This can be done in conjunction with fitness challenges or other ways to enable your team members to reach their individual health goals.  

Incorporating Mental Health Awareness 

Stress is a major cause of conditions such as stroke or heart disease. The workplace often inadvertently contributes to stressful situations. Add to that the year of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 crisis, and it’s not a surprise that mental health awareness is exceedingly important today. When you create your wellness program, provide a holistic approach for the mind and body and possibly access to mental health professionals.  

How can you focus on wellness in your workplace this year? 

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