Didn’t Get the Job – What Do I Do Now?

Especially if you’ve been on the job hunt for a while, it can be heartbreaking to hear the news that you won’t be getting a job offer. And while it’s okay to feel frustrated, it’s important to move on. So what should you do if you don’t get the job offer to remain productive and keep searching for a better opportunity?  

All Your Eggs 

Sometimes the disappointment from not getting a job offer stems from unrealistic expectations. You’ve fallen in love with the idea of the job and may have stopped looking. This can be a bad idea. By putting all of your eggs in just one basket, your risk is greater and your letdown stronger. Don’t stop putting in applications even while you’re on track with interviews at a potential dream company.  

Only One Offer 

One thing to remember every time you go for an interview is that several other people are being considered for the same job. Even if you are a great candidate, it can be just the smallest thing that puts someone ahead in the process. You didn’t lose out on a job offer because you were a terrible candidate, but because someone else was offered the job. The next time, it may be you.  

Next Steps 

If you’ve lost out on an offer, it’s okay to feel frustrated and down in the dumps about it. Take some time to process your feelings. Give yourself a day or two off from job hunting so you can do some of your favorite things and keep your mind off the experience. That will also recharge you to get back on the horse and keep applying. Once you’ve done that, try to get a little clarity. You can ask the company to share some feedback that may help you in the future.  

Move Forward 

The most important thing you can do is continue to move forward. Keep applying to new positions that are a match for you. Talk to a recruiter to see about shortterm work in the meantime. A recruiter can also help you find a long-term or even direct hire position, so they’re a great resource. And know that not every rejection means the door has closed completely. If you’ve received positive feedback from the potential employer, feel free to keep in touch or even reapply a few months later.  

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