Should I Stay in Touch with My Old Boss?

Should you maintain contact with your old boss? The answer to this question is complicated, but in most cases, it can be to your advantage to maintain a connection with previous employers. Whenever you’ve left a job on good terms, it’s always beneficial to keep old bosses in your network. You never know if they can become an advocate for you as a reference or if they may land somewhere new with potential opportunities. Here are a few things you should know.  

Connect on the Job  

The process is simple, people who like one another are much more likely to stay connected. While you’re working, make an effort to become involved in the company community, get to know your coworkers and managers on a personable level, and be a reliable resource. When you make sincere connections, it can last past the job and throughout your career.  

Reconnect Online  

If it has been a while since you last worked with your previous boss, the best way to reach out to them and reconnect is through LinkedInThis not only allows you to reconnect, but you’ll also see where they are in their current career path. You may also discover some mutual connections that can be advantageous for you.  

Be Helpful  

The worst kind of networker is someone who only reaches out when they need help. Its important to be able to offer assistance in return or before you’re in a position to ask for a favor. If you can facilitate another connection, provide a recommendation, or help them with your expertise, do so without expecting anything in return.  

Be Grateful  

Just like offering your help without expecting anythingyou need to recognize these relationships and appreciate the connection. Send a personal note from time to time to thank them and remind them that they are a valued part of your extended network. This will also keep you top of mind so if something comes along in the future, they’re likely to think of you first.  

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