How to Make Sure That Your New Hire Will Fit into Your Company Culture

Company culture is one of those things that people talk a lot about nowadays. It’s more important than ever for a company to have a  culture which will satisfy its employees. It is also just as important to hire employees who will fit into that culture.

If there is a mismatch things will not proceed as smoothly as anticipated, even if the employee seems to have many good qualities. For example, if you’re looking for someone creative, innovative and enthusiastic, you will find they typically are much different personalities than those who are reliable, dependable and conscientious. Those things are generally good qualities to have, but they just may not be the most practical for someone in a more creative role. This is where a personality test can help you to find the right person for the job. The two big cultures are usually: work hard – play hard, where employees are expected to work overtime without batting a lash until the job at hand is complete; and work – life balance, where all employees are expected to clock out at 5 pm, no exceptions.  However, there are other cultures to consider too and in every case, a personality test can help you find the best person to fit the bill.

Innovative Company Culture

Some companies pride themselves on having an innovative company culture. These might be companies in the marketing and advertising field as these are are traditionally considered more innovative. At the same time, many other companies, including tech companies, are encouraging a more innovative atmosphere in their offices nowadays.

It’s difficult to tell if someone has a creative temperament just by meeting them once. Some people might be able to present themselves as more creative by dressing and talking in a certain way. But they might not really have a creative personality. In this case, a personality test will help you to be sure that you’re getting someone who enjoys coming up with new ideas.

Sales-Focused Company Culture

According to Malcolm Gladwell, there are three types of people that a company can benefit from: connectors, who know a lot of people and are good at connecting them with each other; Mavens, who are a fount of information about a certain topic; and salespeople, who have the charisma needed to make people see what they need before they’ve even realized it themselves. If you’re looking for a sales-focused employee, you’ll need someone who is more impatient than others which will heighten their drive to complete a goal. Thankfully, a personality test can gauge this as well.

People-Focused Company Culture

There are businesses which pride themselves on the customer service they provide. For an employee to fit into this kind of company culture, they have to genuinely care about helping others and helping the company. They have to believe that what they’re doing will benefit the customer in some way. And they have to be willing to go the extra mile to help. A personality test will be able to measure a person’s nature to see if they are agreeable, outgoing, warm, inviting, or if they are more impersonal, business minded, and short.

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