Are Job Boards Really the Best Way to Find Quality Employees?

For many employers, job boards are the go-to option for getting the word out about open positions. While job boards are a great place to find qualified candidates, they’re not the only resource out there. In fact, employers that rely solely on job boards may find that they aren’t connecting with the prospects that they’re after. Here’s why job boards don’t always work.

  1. Job Boards target only active job seekers.

Recent graduates and candidates that are looking for new opportunities or career growth flock to job boards. This can be a great pool to choose from, but it leaves out passive candidates that could be a great fit. By combining traditional job board postings with social media and other innovative recruitment options, employers can boost their odds of hiring quality employees.

Resumes aren’t always the best way to evaluate candidates.

Large job boards harness the power of technology to search through employers and identify potential candidates. This technology isn’t foolproof though. Just because someone uses the right keywords in their resume doesn’t mean that they’ll make a good fit for a position. Plus, this approach can eliminate candidates that could be just what an employer is looking for.

Nextaff has found a better way to reach out to quality talent. The XFACTOR relies on science to recruit applicants, attracting both active and passive candidates. We work closely with employers to develop a thorough job description and only those who make it through our comprehensive screening process move on to the structured interview process.

To learn more about the pros and cons of job boards and how the XFACTOR can help you find and keep quality employees, download our free whitepaper below or contact us today. Based on this article, we recommend you read: Find and Hire Quality Employees in a Tight MarketHow to Find Productive and Focused Employees, andRetaining the Best Employees

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