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NEXTAFF works with business leaders that are frustrated with the increasing number of tasks that are cutting into their profits and cash flow. Most of the business leaders we meet with are upset to find out that many of their profit killers are employment or employee related. What we find are business leaders that are concerned with spending too much time on government and payroll regulations, not being able to recruit quality employees, or simply just not having the expertise and techniques to maximize productivity from their existing employees. NEXTAFF helps companies maximize and benefit from strategic workforce planning. Today, change is the only constant. Those who remain flexible and adapt quickly can hold the competitive advantage.

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NEXTAFF Harrisburg Team Bios

Ronda McCurdy

Ronda McCurdy Ronda McCurdy has worked with local businesses for over twenty years. While being with national and Fortune 100 companies, she has had direct access to decision makers, executives and owners of businesses who have shared with her their business needs and concerns. She has honed an ability to quickly identify business problems and ways to solve those problems. Managing over $65,000,000.00 of marketing programs that focused on helping local businesses throughout various industries attract, retain and grow their customer base, she has earned trust and respect within her market. She is passionate about being a problem solver and can quickly identify areas of opportunity for improvement. She is excited to transition her skill into the staffing industry.

Throughout her career, she has been the recipient of 23 awards ranging from Sales Master to Circle of Excellence. She attributes her awarding winning performance to her commitment to not stopping until the job is done; paying attention to the needs of her clients; thoroughly and quickly accessing the most direct and efficient way to achieving the best result and always striving to outperform her competitors. She welcomes challenges. Her clients have always been able to count on her to do what she has committed to do.

Ronda McCurdy graduated Summa Cum Laude from Centenary College in Hackettstown, NJ with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. She earned a Master of Business Administration from DeSales University in Center Valley, PA. Her concentration was self-designed entrepreneurship, with much attention placed on efficient and profitable production through problem solving and leadership.

Ronda McCurdy has recognized a growing need for staffing assistance with both businesses and the public. While working with her clients, she recognized a growing trend that many businesses consider their most daunting challenge to be finding quality employees. She also knows that many potential employees are not aware of the best opportunities available to them. After extensive research on staffing agencies, Ronda McCurdy is excited to join the growing family of Nextaff. She is confident that, as a local owner of Nextaff in Harrisburg, PA and, with the support of a national company that they offer, she will make a positive impact on both businesses in the Greater Harrisburg, PA region as well as the people who are looking for job opportunities within the area. With the use of the proprietary software, X Factor, developed by Nextaff to best match people and jobs, she is excited and committed to helping businesses and people in her region. She will help businesses to be more efficient and more profitable by offering an array of staffing and employment solutions to overcome their staffing obstacles while helping people find the jobs that best fits their abilities.


Nextaff as a franchisor provides excellent back office support for franchisees like myself eliminating the need for us to be an expert in areas that do not add to our bottom line. I can sincerely say that I am thrilled with my business, which is ideal for those of us who are tired of working for someone else, this business model really allows you to take control of your future.

John Snellings, Denver Franchisee (former – sold in 2009)

I want to reach out to you and thank you and your firm for helping Abacus Search with a conversion model to do contract staffing.  The Nextaff model has helped us grow significantly during the last year. Abacus Search historically specializes in Direct Hire Recruitment.  As a firm, we were looking to broaden our services and diversify into the Contract Staffing world. After looking at the time and cost involved with funding and handling the payroll, taxes, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, handling unemployment claims and more, we decided we needed to look at an outsourced model.  Nextaff has been our choice for growing our firm and entering into the Contract Staffing market.   We have experienced exceptional service and the ability to manage our account online has been very valuable.  Nextaff also provides more reports than you would ever need through their on-line system.

I am very pleased with our decision to partner with Nextaff as our outsourced provider to handle our Contract Staffing needs.  This has given our Consultants a whole new service to provide our clients which has become very valuable to the growth of our firm.

Mike Blair, Nextaff Abacus Conversion Franchisee

Ground floor opportunity, support, new franchise, support, working on my business and not in my business, were all the words that were important to me when choosing a staffing franchise, but the most important word to me was support. As I prepare now to continue my recruiting efforts for my largest client who has increased their order fourfold since they started with us, I am grateful for the support of our corporate office. As an experienced operations manager, I understand workflow, so, once I gained this job order, I knew I could ensure we did an excellent job with the work. However, as a non-staffing professional, I needed the support necessary to recruit such a large number of employees in a relatively short period of time. Our Support Office was right there to lend me a hand, and for that I am grateful. I have never felt like just a number at Nextaff, I have always felt like I was part of a family.

Buffy Butler, Miami Franchisee

Amber and Bonnie are gems. It is rare to work with business leaders who are exceptionally engaged in both their clients and the community. I could not be more pleased with my experience with Nextaff Gulf Coast.

TA Everett, Nextaff Gulf Coast Client

This is the first place I would go when seeking employment, because we have successfully hired several employees. The staff at Nextaff are professional, are great to deal with, and truly care about the employee and employer. If you are serious about finding a job, or hiring a qualified employee, this is your agency.

Gwendolyn T., Nextaff Gulf Coast Client

Employers in OS, Coast and beyond: It is worth your time to call Nextaff FIRST before hiring. We all know good employees are seemingly impossible to find these days. So, let these guys screen them first taking a lot of the work and frustration out of the search practice. They have found me several long lasting employees dramatically improving my business and my LIFE. They are professional and truly care about their clients.

Lauren T., Nextaff Gulf Coast Client

5 stars isn’t enough for this hardworking, beautiful, and most genuine team. I got the best opportunity to work with them as a temp on a job and with them in their office. Amber, Bonnie, and Josh work all day and night for their clients and their employees. They are very knowledgeable and very genuine to help anyone and everyone. I’m going to miss the feeling of a caring home there at the office. I highly recommend Nextaff! I miss you already!

Kayla J., Nextaff Gulf Coast Employee

Owning a NEXTAFF Office has been an amazing adventure for us. Being a business owner has been a dream come true for us because it has given us the opportunity to be both full-time moms who are actively involved in our children’s schools and extra-curricular activities and business owners.

Beth K and Rachel R, Raleigh Franchisee

Best agency ever! Any expectations I might have had were far exceeded. I am sure they are all quite busy with numerous other clients and applicants, but throughout the entire process, I was made to feel like I was their number one priority. Communication was excellent. Their initial interview was empowering. They treat you like a real person and I believe they genuinely want the very best for both their clients and their applicants. Thoroughly impressed!


Stephanie H., Raleigh Employee

Nextaff  listened to what I wanted for my ideal job and worked very hard to find opportunities that fit not only what matched my skill set, but also the type of environment I was looking for and the income range I was looking for. After verifying my references, they had interviews set up within two days! So much faster than I ever expected!! It is not easy to find jobs for people and match them up well, especially so fast! I am so impressed with their professionalism, hard work, and expertise.

Michelle T. Raleigh Nextaff Employee